Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Sox!

Guess where my feet and I went last night?

Guess where my feet went?

Fenway Park, of course!

I hadn't been to a Red Sox game yet this year, so when Sara texted me on Sunday night to see if I wanted to go, I immediately said yes. We had lots of fun watching the team, drinking Sam Adams Oktoberfest, and eating pretzels. . .

Sara pretzel!

Rachel pretzel!

Emily Pretzel!

Abbie and the unemployment pretzel!
{I'm unemployed and I'd already eaten, so I just had a bite of Emily's pretzel. It was pretty tasty.}

Then it started to rain! While the rain itself was sad, we did get to see the guys put out the cover-thingy. I love watching them do that. I like how they work together to get the field covered quickly.

This is my favorite part of rain delays.

The other thing I love about going to Red Sox games is how everybody at them really loves the Red Sox. I don't even like baseball that much, but the Red Sox are just awesome, and so Bostonish and being surrounded by people who feel the same way is so much fun.

We love dancing to the rain delay mix

Thanks for taking us, Sara!

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