Friday, September 25, 2009

Maybe this will help me sleep.

It's one-thirty in the morning and I can't sleep,
so here are some pictures I took my last week in California.
As it turns out, it's little things I miss.

Goodbye, Burritos from Pancho Villa
{San Francisco has the best burritos.}
{Please pardon my chipped nail polish. It isn't chipped any more, I promise!}

Goodbye, Corners with the Street Names Stamped Into Them
{In San Francisco, they stamp the names of streets into the sidewalks}

Goodbye, MUNI Trains
{Lots of people hate MUNI. I'm not one of them. They returned my wallet once, plus, look at their cool logo!}

Goodbye, California
{Goodbye California!}

It should be noted that as much as I miss San Francisco (and boy oh boy, do I), I could not be more content in my decision to return to the East Coast. This side of the country is home, and it just feels so right to be here.

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