Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I started high school on 9.9.99

{Image borrowed from Commonwealth. I hope they don't mind!}

Ten years ago today, I started high school. I went to a funny high school, and I sometimes hated it. I hated the way all the teachers knew who I was, even if they'd never taught me (and they all knew that I shouted a lot, so they yelled at me a lot), and I hated the way all of my homework was hard all the time. I also hated the way you couldn't get away from someone, and how hard it was to make friends at first.

Even though I sometimes hated it, though, I'll always be glad I went there. It is rare in high school, I think, to have teacher who will meet with you individually every single week to talk about ideas or give you extra help. It is rare, I think, to be able to say that you learned as much in high school as you did in college. (For me, to be honest, maybe more. But that's 'cause I didn't try very hard in college.) The rarest thing of all, though, and the thing for which I am the most grateful, is the friends I made, once I finally did make friends. Many of my favorite people on the planet are people I met in high school, and I'm so lucky they're my friends. It's why I wanted to go to that funny school in the first place, and it's why I'm so glad I stayed.

Happy Commie-versary, Commies!

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