Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Morning Questions

This morning, I have some questions.

I don't like nectarines that much

If I love peaches, and I know that nectarines are basically just peaches without fuzz, why do nectarines give me the heeby jeebies? (And why don't they give me the heeby jeebies if I slice them up?)

I can't make coffee

Why can't I make coffee? I am usually an okay cook, and I drink coffee all the time, so shouldn't it be easy to make?

I thought these chairs in Harvard Yard looked so cheery!

Don't these chairs in Harvard Yard look cheery? They're so bright and un-Harvard-ish.

And lastly, who wants to go apple-picking in two weeks? I am dying to do New England things this fall. Afterwards, I am going to make apple pie AND apple crisp.

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  1. whenever I walk in the Yard I notice these chairs. They move them sometimes so that there's a group of them in one spot then the same group will be in another spot. it's fun to see classes sitting out there or students just reading...I should try that myself.


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