Saturday, September 19, 2009


Those of you who read my blog with a close eye (hello, Manoli!) Might notice that I just added a lovely little pink button to my sidebar. You should click on it. It links to The Lovely List, a truly lovely blog that features new bloggers each day, bloggers who inspire me as I try to make this little corner of the internet pretty and nice.
So, that is one reason why I linked to the Lovely List. To be perfectly honest, though, it's not the only reason, or even the main reason (although the button does add a certain charm to my sidebar, I think). The Lovely List gives away a bicycle each month to one person who links to them. I need a bike, and man o man, is that cruiser adorable or what? Well worth a post in and of itself!


  1. 'tis a good looking bannerhead, also, so good job on beautifying your own personal space on the world wide web!


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