Thursday, September 17, 2009

I like pie.

I made a pie on Monday night, to bring to Holly's house for dinner on Tuesday.

First Ever Peach Pie

I had never made a pie all by myself before, but I before I could find out how it tasted, I needed to do some work in Boston. So I put the pie in our handy cake carrier, and we hopped on the T.

Peach Pie Rides the T!

The pie and I got off at Copley, and walked into the BPL (have I mentioned recently how much I love the BPL? Because I do.) The pie waited patiently while I did my work. Maybe it appreciated the scenery.

Peach Pie Visits the BPL

After I was all done with my work, I went to Holly's absolutely adorable apartment, where we ate delicious swordfish (I never think to cook swordfish, and yet I always love it when I eat it) and asparagus, and then we had peach piefor dessert. It was delicious. I think I might become addicted to peach pie. This is especially problematic since peach season is almost over! I'm not sure what I'll do.

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  1. I made peach pie this summer. Our peach season is over, but it lasted for like 2 months and I am told they were good. I don't eat peaches. I can't wait for sweet potato pie.


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