Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bowl Haven

Bowl Haven makes you keep score by hand.

On Saturday night, Holly, Nat, Emily and I went bowling. We went to Bowl Haven, a candlepin bowling alley that has not changed even a tiny bit since it was created in 1939.

Holly Action Shot!

As it turns out, we're all pretty atrocious bowlers.

Nat was better at bowling than the rest of us.

Nat was slightly better than Holly, Em and I, but that may have had something to do with the fact that we all had had the same amount of beer, and he is a boy.

Emily Action Shot!

That having been said, my hand-eye coordination is so bad, I feel like even a little alcohol couldn't make it any worse.

I believe that leaning helps the ball go where I want it to.

{I believe that if I tilt my body enough, the ball will go where I want it to. That is not true.}

Bowling is still my new favorite activity. I can't wait to go back to Bowl Haven soon. Next weekend, anyone?

Bowling Shoes!


  1. Nat is slightly better than Holly, Emily and ME.

  2. Not true! Nat is slightly better than I AM, therefore, Nat is slightly better than Holly, Emily, and I.

    I thought about it!

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  4. Thanks for the comment, Abbie! Gosh, bowling is one of those things...I like to do but really am pretty horrible at. But lovin the pictures! :) Fun time


  5. I'm so glad you linked to Sacco's website - I discovered coupons for free shoe rentals there! Next time I'm up in Boston we should go bowling.

  6. Jane- I think being horrible at bowling makes it even more fun. Especially if your friends are bad, too!

    Max- Um, DEFINITELY! Especially if we can each save a dollar fifty on shoe rentals!


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