Saturday, November 29, 2008

Coming Up for Air

Sorry for not posting.
Too busy hanging out at home, seeing old friends, and reading this.
How did I not find out about it earlier? I guess it made the rounds of the internet awhile back, when people thought it was real. I like it better knowing that it's fiction. It's like those chick-lit books I'm embarrassed to admit I sometimes love.
Okay, more leftovers, then sleep in preparation for my forty-seven thousand hour plane flight back to San Fran tomorrow.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two Funny Things

1. Yesterday in preschool, a little girl with hair similar to mine asked why I had taken my hair out of a ponytail. I explained that I had done it because I felt like it. "But your mommy will be very mad at you!"
2. I buy Greek-style yogurt from the produce market up the street. Two weeks ago, I bought some, but then promptly got sick and didn't eat any until yesterday, when I noticed that it was especially sour-tasting. Assuming it had gone bad (even though the expiration date is in late December), I bought some more today. When I brought it home and checked the packaging, I realized that last time I had unwittingly bought "old country style" yogurt.
I am not man enough to handle old country style yogurt.