Thursday, February 26, 2009

Every now and then, I think about things

Today at dinner, one of my friends commented that I'm always on my computer. She's right, and I know that, but it got me thinking about what I do when I'm computing, and I realized that the answer is not a whole lot.
I read a lot of celebrity gossip, a whole lot of blogs, and occasionally even the New York Times. I'm constantly on facebook, and I've almost always got at least one gchat conversation going.
The most interesting thing, though, I think, is that I don't add anything to the internet. Does that make sense? I'm always reading things, and on facebook I look at people's profiles, but aside from gchat, nothing I do on the internet is interactive. I don't frequently comment on blogs, I never update my facebook profile, and I don't even write in here that much. I'm taking a lot from the internet, but I'm not putting anything back.
I don't know that I have that much to contribute to the general pool of writing or thinking that exists online, but maybe that's what's cool about it; anything's out there, even the most boring person's thoughts, if you look hard enough.
What do you think? Should everybody write blogs and comment on other people's writing, or would the world be okay with just a couple really good ones? Shouldeverybody contribute to the collective knowledge that is the internet, or are we better off just taking what we can and contributing if we have something especially interesting or helpful?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

On Sexiness

My mom sent roomie|west and me red lace thongs for Valentine's Day. After playing witness to one too many boring bunny makeout sessions, we decided that they could use a little spice in the hutch:
Remy and Lala know how to do Valentine's Right
They were not all that impressed by our efforts on behalf of their love life.
Remy and Lala know how to do Valentine's Right
In fact, they both pooped in their new lingerie.