Saturday, February 14, 2009

On Sexiness

My mom sent roomie|west and me red lace thongs for Valentine's Day. After playing witness to one too many boring bunny makeout sessions, we decided that they could use a little spice in the hutch:
Remy and Lala know how to do Valentine's Right
They were not all that impressed by our efforts on behalf of their love life.
Remy and Lala know how to do Valentine's Right
In fact, they both pooped in their new lingerie.


  1. ahhhh, hankie pankies!!! when i read the bit about your mom sending you and roomie|west red lace thongs i was like, "ahhhh, are they hankie pankies?!" and then the bunnies loaded and they were and i'm high on lack of sleep after just taking two finals and ahhhhhh, abbie!!!

  2. Hahaha! Jess, are you done with your finals already? SWEET!
    I just realized that I never told blogger to email me at gmail when people comment, so I haven't found out about any comments on my blog since June.

  3. Um, I am wearing that exact set of underwear right now. I am disturbed....


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