Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Boat Club Evening

Yesterday, Dewey, my mom and I hosted some of their neighbors at the boat club.* We had a wonderful time, which isn't surprising, since we always do at that magical place.


{Someday, when I am a grownup with my own garden, there will be lots of flowers just like these ones. They always seem so summery, no?}


{We did not play bocci. This was for the best, given how terrible I am.}


The slide is my favorite part of the whole place.

We stayed until well after sunset (and the two-year-old's bedtime), eating barbecue and talking about gardening and crazy landlords. It was a lovely evening, confirming my new suspicion that late summer may be one of my favorite times of year.

*Whenever I talk about the boat club, I feel compelled to explain that it's not nearly as fancy as it sounds. It is magical, yes, but fancy? Not even a little bit.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I spent this weekend sitting at home, wearing cozy socks and eating peanut butter.


It was pretty clear early on that Irene was going to mostly pass us by, so there was also beer and dinners out and trips to go buy wine,


but mostly it was a whole lot of staying indoors, a lot of cooking,


and hanging with some of my favorite people.


Which is really the best kind of weekend, no?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yesterday was Dewey's birthday (hooray for 24!), so we had a summertime feast, followed by a trip to Rancatore's for some much-enjoyed dairy fat.



{Banana chocolate chip ice cream, you are more delicious than words can describe.}

Dewey, I am so glad you were born. Happy happy birthday!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Last week, Elizabeth invited me to go with her to a Red Sox game. Given that I make it a policy to go to at least one game a summer, especially when the tickets are free and the company is good, I happily agreed.


I am fairly convinced that a trip to Fenway Park may be the most authentic of all Boston experiences.

Green Monster

Sweet Caroline
{Somebody released like thirty beach balls during Sweet Caroline. It was amazing.}

I did actually pay attention to the game.

It was the perfect way to spend a Tuesday night in August. Thanks for the invite, Elizabeth!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Adventures

Now that I have a new camera, I find myself wanting to go on more adventures.


Is that weird? I just want to do things I can take pictures of, you know? (And anyway, anything that encourages you to go on more adventures is a good thing.)


So Saturday, in a further attempt to cling to summer, Emily and I drove to Ipswich for a trip to Woodman's and Singing Beach.



Fried clams definitely taste better when you eat them overlooking a salt marsh.





Silly times are way more fun when you share them with a bestie.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love my new grill.

Yesterday, I commented on Annie's blog that every year when August rolls around, I start clinging to summer like it'll never ever come back. Anyone who starts to talk about the impending arrival of fall gets a swift reminder that we have at least a month before it arrives, and I fill my weekends with beach trips and ice cream in an attempt to soak it all up before the leaves start to change.

I don't know if it's the cool rainy weather we've been having this week, but my devotion to summertime ideals has reached an all-time high lately. Last Saturday, just in time for my birthday barbecue, my mom and I found an old, falling-apart Weber grill on my back steps. Since I've found it, I have refused to cook food any other way. Yesterday, I stood in the pouring rain, barbecuing lemony chicken, thick slices of red onion, and tiny baby eggplants. It was more than worth it, though- seldom has food tasted that good, or that summery.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Item Number 9? Check.

First Picture with the New Camera!

So, I did it.

I turned 26. It was kind of exciting, actually. I sometimes freak out a little bit about getting older, but as I learned from my list, getting older's not so bad if you think about all the fun stuff you get to do. Like buy a fancy new camera.

Number nine on the list was Buy an SLR and Learn How to Use It. I bought the SLR as a 26th birthday present. I haven't quite learned how to use it yet, but I have a teacher all lined up, and I can't wait to practice. In the past year, as I've gotten busier, I've kind of forgotten how much I love to take pictures. I'm pretty excited to remember.

(I've done an okay job of recording some of the items on my 25 in 25 list as I've checked them off. I didn't get to everything, but I did do a surprisingly large number of them, and I found the list to be a surprisingly transformative exercise. I'll write more about it in the coming weeks, including posts on the funnest things from the past year.)