Friday, October 31, 2008

I Feel that the fact that my pumpkin is sleeping says something about me.

This is my pumpkin. His name is Jack.

When I found Jack at the Pumpkin Patch, I knew he needed to be mine.
You see, he was lying on his side, taking a little rest. I like to do that, too.
So, I took him home, where he sat on my kitchen table for a week.
Then, the night before Halloween, when I have always carved my pumpkin always and forever, it was time to give him a face, complete with closed eyes.
Sleepy Jack

He was sleeping, but that wasn't clear to me, so I needed to give him some Zs.

Sleepy Jack's Zs

Happy Halloween, Internet!
Abbie and Sleepy Jack

Sleepy Jack

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You Know You Wish I Were Your Roommate

You have no idea how much effort went in to making this photo perfect.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I am such a nerd

I have been working on this project lately. It is called "eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day."
I am working on this project because I am living on my own, and I was worried that without the structure of someone else making my food, I would sink into a healthy pattern of eating cheese and butter and ice cream and nothing else, and then I would weigh approximately five thousand pounds and I would never be able to visit my loved ones on the east coast because they wouldn't let me on the plane because my body would make the plane crash. To avoid this unfortunate situation, I decided to focus on eating plenty of produce every day. This seemed like an especially good plan since, in college, I would sometimes go days without a vegetable so much as crossing my lips.
Anyway, I've been pretty good about it, but sometimes it's hard to eat that many fruits and vegetables. It's a lot of food. But I've been slogging along because I feel kind of awesome and also whenever I think about it I get all virtuous-feeling and I kind of like that, too. Today, though, I realized that I didn't actually know how big a serving of vegetables was. I'd been assuming a cup of most veggies and two cups of leafy greens. But then I went to my friend google, where I learned that I've been eating TWICE AS MANY SERVINGS OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES AS I THOUGHT! That means that today, I've eaten TEN servings of produce.
I feel so virtuous and healthy. And also a little excited.
I think I'm sort of a nerd.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fleet Week. And, Bunnies.

Me: This weekend is Fleet Week!
Roommate: And I'm not going to be around! So you have the entire apartment to yourself! And sailors!
Me: You have made my life SO MUCH BETTER!
Roommate: Or more riddled with disease.

In other news, bunnies:

Untitled from Abbiebabble on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two days ago I had one of those days that required the massive, mindless consumption of concentrated carbohydrates.
I've had a lot of doubts in the past month about my ability to do my job. Two days ago, I started to question that even more, when I proved to struggle with the one part of my job I know that I am good at.
Walking onto the bus, I reached into my bag to pull out my wallet. It wasn't there. I had stupidly left my purse out in a less-than-safe location, and so, not surprisingly, the more valuable contents was gone when I came back to it.
I dealt with all the things that needed to be dealt with (to be fair, my mother dealt with many of the things that needed to be dealt with), and then I went on my way, only to realize when I got home that I wasn't really all that upset. Yes, things could certainly be better, but my coworkers were wonderfully helpful and nice, I could get home (and I had a home to go to! I'm not homeless anymore! I am STILL grateful for that), and well, things were okay.
Do I wish I felt good at my job and that I still had my wallet? Hell, yes.
Do I think I'll figure this all out, and be okay? Hell, yes.