Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Penguin Pizza

Last Friday, I went to Penguin Pizza with Emily, Ben, and Emi. The other Ben was going to come, too, but he wussed out on us at the last minute. It's too bad, since I really wanted to be the only one in the party whose name was neither Ben nor Emily. (I guess it still happened, but it wasn't the same when there was only one Ben. I didn't feel quite that left out.)

I got to drink pear cider from a glass with a gnome on it. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever?

(Even though I didn't get my wish of being the only one not named Ben or Emily, I was still the luckiest member of our little group. Who else got to drink out of a glass that said La Chouffe and had a little gnome? No one.)

Then we found a Wizard of Oz board game. We just had to play.

{If only Emily had a brain. She got to be the Scarecrow.}
{In real life, Emily has a very good brain. It thinks up lots of good thoughts and also helps Emily bling out her cell phone.}

{Ben has no heart. He was the Tin Man.}
{In real life, Ben does have an excellent heart. He got me an excellent book for my birthday, and then he took it back and got another good one when I accidentally told Emi I'd already read it.}

{Don't take my picture! I was the Cowardly Lion.}
{In real life I am kind of cowardly. Also, I have lion hair.}

{Emi was Dorothy. She just wanted to go home.}
{I hope Emi doesn't really want to go home to Tennessee. I like having her here in Boston!}

Unfortunately, the Wizard of Oz Board Game was more fun in theory than in practice. We went to the grocery store instead, and we got some ice cream. It was fun.

{Ben found some Very Serious Recession ice cream. Did you know Rocky Road was invented during the great depression?}

{Emily balanced her ice cream with some frozen spinach. It was on sale!}

Thanks for coming out to play with me, friends!

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  1. It makes me sad in my heart that you did not capture photographic evidence of one of the most awkward reunions ever. Actually, I wish you had been recording it, so that I could watch it over and over again.


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