Saturday, August 9, 2014

Doing and Seeing

(I'm taking a little break from scenes like this for three weeks. I'm pretty excited.)
Historically, I have blogged the most prolifically during times of transition. When I graduated from college, when I moved to San Francisco, when I moved back from San Francisco, when I worked at a really awful job for six months, when I turned 25 and freaked. the eff. out. Those times, blogging gave me a different perspective on all of the changes that were happening. People spend a lot of time talking about how blogs make people feel inferior, how by reading blogs, you are giving yourself the opportunity to compare your very real life to a made-up ideal. Real always loses out.

Here's the thing, though: I think blogging can be really good for you. When I post on the regular, I am constantly looking for things to write about. I go on adventures and I bring my camera, I look for little moments of beauty in the day-to-day. I do more and I see more. My blog is like a gratitude journal and a little personal motivator, all in one tiny page on the internet.

Now, my life is changing once again. After working for six years, I am starting graduate school in the fall. (Well, actually, I started this summer. ) I'll still be working, but much less so, and I'll be in classes full time. I'm mostly excited about this transition, but I'm a little nervous, too: nervous that I made the wrong choice, nervous that graduate school is going to be awful, nervous about finding a job once I'm done. I hope that by coming back to my blog, I'll be able to see beyond the scariness of the transition. I hope that it will inspire me to do more and see more once again.

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  1. There will be times when grad school is awful, but there will also be times when grad school is great and you realize how much you love what you're doing. Good luck and go get 'em!


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