Friday, August 13, 2010

Twenty-Five in Twenty-Five

{Honorary List Item #26: Play with more sparklers.}

So, I turned 25 two weeks ago.

25 is kind of a big age for me; I have this belief that by the time you're 26, you have to have your shit together in terms of becoming a grownup, or at least be on the path to having your shit together. Which means that as of two weeks ago, I have a year to figure some stuff out before I have to actually pretend to be a real grownup.

Whew. Does that make any sense to anyone else?

Anyway, by the time I'm 26, I want to be on the path to being a really awesome grownup. Inspired by Katie's 25 in 25, and Maggie Mason of the Mighty Life List, my plan for world (or at least life) domination in the next year:

1. Get a freakin' drivers' license.
2. Leave the country at least once, even if it's just to Canada.
3. Go back to California to visit the friendsies.
4. Run a 10k.
5. Get a grip on my finances.
6. Meet a blog friend in real life.
7. Follow 100 blogs.
8. Go on a date with a stranger.
9. Buy a digital SLR, and learn how to use it.
10. Find a monthly or weekly volunteer opportunity, ideally with children.
11. Sew something really cool.
12. Make my apartment a place that I really love (with the roommates).
13. Do a Martha Stewart project.
14. Buy a piece of artwork for my gallery wall.
15. See live music six times.
16. Have a really fun party with good music, cocktails, decorations, and dancing.
17. Try being a real vegetarian for a whole week.
18. Try out weight watchers for a month with Dewey.
19. Grow a garden.
20. Go hiking in New England.
21. Come up with a five-year plan.
22. Plan and execute an overnight reunion trip with my high school friends.
23. Paint a picture worth hanging up.
24. Learn to make a really delicious signature cocktail.
25. Get back in the habit of eating five fruits and veggies every day.

I know the last one is kind of lame, but hey, fruits and vegetables are really delicious, and I'm missing out on them by only eating a few every day.

{Photo of me at my birthday picnic by Anna, roommate extraodinaire.}
{Emma's a pretty extraordinary roommate, too.}
{Neither of them read this blog, so I'm not sure why I'm so worried about their feelings here.}
{UPDATE: Anna reads my blog. Hi Anna!}


  1. I have a 101 things to do in 1001 days on my blog. Same thing kinda. Love your list. A few of the things on yours are also in mine!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. happy belated birthday!
    p.s i'm 27 and don't have my shit together..

  3. I love number 3!! (actually I love all of them, but 3 affects me the most since I miss you!)

  4. Lists like this totally motivate me. I can't wait to see what the year holds for you!

  5. I love this list GO FOR IT! xo

  6. Yeah, good luck with 22. Cuz that has worked out SO well in the past. Not that I won't entirely support your attempts! :-)

  7. But I think you can definitely do 25 in 25! See, I can be a supportive friend!!!

  8. I can definitely facilitate 16 and 24-- we should have an exploration date for the latter very soon :)

  9. ohhh sweet jesus i have never met anybody who share the you have to have your shit together by the time you are 26! this made my day!

  10. Happy belated birthday! I'm 25 this month and I feel the same about getting my shit together (in fact I'm freaking out about it lol) Thomas has been 25 since April now and is completely unbothered by it - humph!

  11. i love this list, abbie! probably more than i like mine. i think i'm going to steal from yours now and then. :) hope that's ok.


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