Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nerd Convention

Last Saturday I had a romantic date. My boyfriend took me out to dinner.

That's the end of the romantic date. After that, Manoli very patiently tried to coach me through Super Mario Galaxy for Wii while I patiently contemplated the fact that I was staying up until midnight so I could go with him to buy a video game.
What's video game, you ask? Well, apparently, Nintendo Wii is a big deal. And also apparently, Super Smash Brothers is a big deal. Such a big deal that when you combine the two of them, all of the nerds in the universe were forced to wait up until midnight so that they could purchase this game the instant it came out.
So, after our romantic date of Indian food, followed by our not-so-romantic date of Super Mario Galaxy (which I really enjoy saying. Especially with a Mario accent. I think I was deprived as a child, that we didn't have video games), we got into the car and went to Burlington to buy the game.
I think I was the only girl there.
It was incredibly anti-climactic.
For serious, it's just a video game.


  1. I played Smash Bros. yesterday too, and I felt like I was ADD with all the characters and backgrounds and "super powers" and whatnot. Super Mario Galaxy is so much better.

  2. NPW, I so agree.
    Even if I haven't actually played Smash Brothers.

  3. I play every day. It is awesome. I play as kirby


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