Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I want to send you presents!

You know those blogs that, when they show up in your reader with a new post, make you say "yay!"?* Kitchen Door is one of those ones for me. Katie lives in Boston, too, although she actually lives in the actual city proper, and she's always doing awesome cooking projects, and she has a CSA membership like a real grownup, and her take on the world is just so fresh, and her posts are so great that I apparently resort to run-on sentences when describing them.

Anyway, Katie, and now I, are** participating in the Pay it Forward Challenge. And now I'm participating in the Pay It Forward Challenge. What does that mean for you? It means that the if you are one of the the first three people to comment here, sometime in the near future (but it's not any more specific than that- it's supposed to be a surprise), I'll send you a present in the mail! You then blog about it, too, so the gift-giving fun can continue.

So, who will be my three?

*And Abbie fails at punctuation.
**And grammar.


  1. oooo - this is a cool idea! i've been thinking about doing some sort of giveaway, and i love the whole pay-it-forward concept!

  2. This is a great idea. You are a sweetie pie! But what do I put in the "comment as"? I picked anonymous because it's the only word in the pick list that I recognize.


  3. cool, i'm number 3! does this mean i get a gift? how awesome are you! i love it pay it forward, and i was thinking about some kind of giveaway too...but alas, my sinuses hurt so i couldn't think of anything. :)

  4. Oh shucks, I missed out. That's good though because I'm horribly disorganized and would probably forget to send all the gifts and then cause hurt feelings or something ridiculous. Grand idea though...looks like your mom is getting an extra present this year! I love it. My mom doesn't even read my blog, she's my polar opposite and couldn't care less about design, art, shopping, etc. Can you even imagine? Her friends read it though and talk about it to her all the time which she finds hilarious. Payback!
    XX Kate

  5. Don't you love it when bloggers live in the same area as you...you're just across the river from me!


    You are the sweetest. Happy, happy, happy New Year.


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