Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lunch Dates with besties are the best.

A couple of weeks ago, Emily met me at work for a lunch date.
I love lunch dates.

I don't remember what this sandwich was called.

We went to Blunch, which is my favorite place to eat lunch near my office.
They have really delicious sandwiches and salads, San Pellegrino orange soda (which comes with a little cover that you peel off before you open the can, and is the most charming thing in the world for some reason), and checkered plate liners. I love it.

Emily read to me about Gout

They also have medical textbooks, since they're right by the BU Medical School. Emily read to me about Gout while we were eating. It was less than appetizing.

There was too much foam in my latte, so I licked it away.

I finished the lunch date with a latte. It was pretty good, although there was a little too much foam. I live in a world full of high-class problems, I think.

Thanks for coming on a lunch date with me, Em!


  1. lunch dates are my absolute favorite!

  2. medical textbooks? that's hilarious!! just in case you want a bit of light reading with your coffee...

  3. I'm going to start calling "brunch" "blunch instead. I like it better.

  4. I don't know to what you are referring... Gout is an extremely appetizing lunchtime conversation. Especially when there are all sorts of illustrative figures to accompany it.

  5. Lunch dates are so much fun! That sandwich looks delish!

  6. God, I can't even remember the last time I had orange soda! WANT!

  7. Did you get to the part about how a diet high in lobster tails and caviar can make you susceptible to gout? Now THAT's a high class problem.


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