Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I would just like to make it known
that I, Abbie,
Lover of All Junk Food,
just realized that the snack I really wanted right now, as I attempt to power through my to-do list, was NOT my normal go-to late night winter treat of hot chocolate.

No. No no no.
Tonight, the perfect treat? The one I craved above all others?
Leftover roasted broccoli.

(It was pretty delicious)


  1. roasted broccoli have also become my recent favorite foods. It's just so easy!

    Also, a close relative (that actually counts as "junk food") = cumin+salt+pepper seasoned fried cauliflowers. YUM!

  2. I get it. Sometimes you just want something that's not sweet. {But mostly I have cravings for brownies}


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