Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lately, I have been obsessed with making Katherine Hepburn's brownies. I've made them so many times in the past couple of weeks, I know the recipe by heart. They're just so simple, and so so delicious, they are the perfect homemade treat.

My arteries hurt just a little bit when I look at this.

When my mom told me she was having friends over to work on their various art projects, I knew it was the perfect excuse to get out the chocolate and butter again.

Brownie presents!

I wrapped the brownies in little paper plates with plastic wrap and a bow, and each lady took a little package home.

One of the ladies who comes to my mother's craft group every month is Mimi, who always brings one of the dolls she's working on. Today I got to see her start a tattooed lady!

My mom's friends make the coolest art.

I did give some away.

I make the coolest . . . brownies?


  1. You must wrap the brownies or you might run the risk of helping spread the swine flu. Let's face it, you never know where someone has been. (And no, I am not implying that you are making people sick by baking for them). So good job on wrapping those! The food safety police approves!

  2. Great brownies! Yum,yum, delicious, mouth full...
    Thanks Abby!

  3. Oh my, somebody broke into my house and left a plate of these on the dinning room table! What shall I do?

  4. True story number one: I was named after Katharine Hepburn. True story number two: Those brownies look delicious.

  5. oh my, those brownies look so good! don't you know, i've already gotten the recipe and plan on making myself and several other friends happy this weekend.

  6. I can almost taste them they look so delish!

  7. I want to have my girlfriends over for arts and crafts! And I want these brownies. You're quite the baker...they look delish!
    XXXX Kate


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