Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am really embarrassed about my taste in music.
It's not that I have bad taste, it's just that I don't really have any taste.
See, I don't listen to the radio, or even really Pandora, which means that I never learn about any new artists, or I learn about them six months too late (which is sometimes even worse).

That's fine sometimes, but right now, I am so bored of all the music on my iPod.

Internet, help me out.

Who are you listening to now?
What should I download next?

P.S. My favorites are Regina Spektor and Guster and Simon and Garfunkle and sometimes Cat Stevens and Elvis Costello and always always always the most perfect song. And everything I've ever heard by Alexi Murdoch.


  1. I know how you feel...sometimes it just takes so much EFFORT to stay on top of the music world!!
    I lovelovelove Guster, S&G, Cat and a bit of Regina as well.
    Check out: Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service, Belle and Sebastian, the Kooks, and Dispatch if you haven't already! Also, the band Obadiah Parker's cover of "Hey Ya" is my "perfect song!" wow. gives me shivers.

    Go to imeem.com to listen and search for any album/artist for free; it's like Pandora on demand and I am obsessed.

    It's NEVER too late to learn about music!!


  2. Oh we have lots of favorites in common (Regina and Guster were two of my favorite concerts of all time)! I second the Kooks and Dispatch suggestions and lately I've been listening to a lot of Citizen Cope---good stuff. All my music is on my old mac and I need to transfer it over. I'm bored with what I have too!
    XX Kate

  3. I've been super into Ingrid Michaelson since I saw her at Paradise back in September. And Ray LaMontagne. Oh MAN, Ray LaMontagne.

  4. hmmm lets see, ive been listening to Lykke li, maybe you should check her out?

    One Love,

  5. You know who you might like (aside from Love and Theft, of course!)? Benton Paul. I've been hearing good things about him, and I downloaded one of his songs as an iTunes song of the week. There's also always Lady Antebellum. But they're kinda country.

  6. regina and guster are amazing! i also love lykke li and ray lamontagne. one of my favorite bands ever is fleet foxes, definitely check them out! xo

  7. hey abbie
    i would suggest:
    -emmy the great
    -mother mother {an amazing canadian band!}
    -the swell season
    -tegan & sara {also canadian, just came out with a new album!}
    -bon iver
    -a fine frenzy
    -she & him
    -kate nash
    -santogold {makes me want to dance every.single.time!}

    ps. did you ever post the results of your holga roll??! i'm interested!


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