Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy (almost) Weekend!

Fall is Coming!

Fall is coming! Fall is coming!
It is freezing outside, and for some reason, I couldn't be happier.
Right now it's pouring outside my window, but I'm all curled up in my cozy bed and it is perfect.
(It seems that two down comforters is the way to go if you want a cozy bed.)

This weekend is looking like a good one: on Friday night, I'm going to a concert with my country-music-obsessed friend (I'm a little nervous- I've never been to a country concert before! What if I hate it?), and then on Saturday, I'm getting together with a couple of people to make pasta!

What are your exciting plans for this cold and stormy weekend?

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  1. Your weekend sounds like so much fun. Be open to country music---I swore I hated it for years, but it's slowly grown on me. In fact, now I kind of love it. Hope you have a blast and thank you for all your sweet comments!
    XX Kate


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