Monday, October 19, 2009

Gemma came for a visit!
Gemma came for a visit this afternoon!
I love it when San Francisco friends come to visit me in Boston.
I miss my San Francisco friends.

Anyway, Gemma and I braved the wintry mix of rain and snow and cold cold wind to go to Bella Vita on Charles street to have some chili. It was pretty good. Then we needed to meet up with my mom for some manicures.

After all that strenuous work, of course we needed to have some hot cider. It's the best thing about fall. (Besides foliage and caramel apples and apple picking.) (And hiking.)

Hot apple cider is the best thing about fall.

Now I really must go to sleep so I can wake up in four hours to take Gemma to South Station sp she can get to the airport on time.

It is the unfortunate truth that I always have my computer open.

Thanks for coming, Gemma!
(sorry I had my computer open during hot cider time.)


  1. Awwww, I wish my San Francisco friends would come visit me! Glad you had a fun time. That cider looks delicious.
    XX Kate

  2. Oh MAN, hot cider time should be a daily routine. Right after nap.

    Sounds like you guys had a blast!


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