Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How about tomorrow instead?

A couple of hours ago, I brought some film to the photo shop to be developed.
It was from the Holga.
I am fairly certain that I won't get any pictures out of it, that all the film will be overexposed.
(You see, I was so eager to get started with Holga Olga*, I didn't exactly research the best way to use it. Her? Either way, after a helpful video, now I know how to load film and tape up the camera properly.)

Pictures or no pictures, normal exposure or just a whole bunch of fuzzy white background, I have to wait until Monday to get the film back.

Oh, the injustice.

Can't it just be ready tomorrow?

*Did I mention that the Holga's name is Olga? It is. Or maybe Oksana. I think I like Oksana better.


  1. both very, very good names.

    i broke my holga after only two good uses. bah.

    i think you'll be pleasantly surprised when some of those photos turn out. good luck, i can't wait to see what you came up with.

  2. agggh! i want a holga! i think i'm asking for one for christmas.

    oh the anticipation!!

    my friend snapped some pics with a little disposable camera at the beach this summer, and i was SO impatient for the pics to get developed - i'm so used to instant gratification!!

    hope at least a few of the pictures work!!



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