Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My massive incompetence surfaced again this morning, when I had to meet my friend at her apartment in Beacon Hill at 8 o'clock to pick up the i.d. that I left there last night, that I needed to even get into the building where I work.

All was okay, though, because it meant that I had an hour to walk from Charles Street to the South End, so I got a latte and took some pictures.

I am kind of in love with my city.

New England really does do Fall right.

I'm a little in love with my city.

Duck Bums!
{duckling bums!}

Now I am going watch Castle with a mug of hot cider, and then read The English Patient before bed. (I am loving The English Patient, by the way. It's so good!)

Good night, internet!


  1. wow, I'm in love with your photos!
    Your city is gorgeous too!

    thank you for your lovely comments - they made my day!

  2. oh my goodness, i am kind of in love with your city too. i honestly have never been anywhere in new england (except new york) and it seems to me like the most beautiful, dreamy, romantic place in the country. xo

  3. These photos are amazing! What fabulous rich fall colors! I haven't read The English Patient, but I did adore the film. Happy reading!
    XX Kate


    Also, the idea of taking that walk with a camera and a latte. Mm.

    Have an awesome weekend :)


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