Monday, November 16, 2009

Brown paper packages tied up with (embroidered ribbon).

I love birthdays. I love birthday cake, and presents, and showering people with attention.
I'm just not very good at birthdays when I'm far away. (Sometimes I even forget to call.)

I am trying to change that, though, so when Lisa's birthday rolled around, I got her a little present, tied it up with a pretty bow, and sent it off in the mail. Here's to hoping that this trend continues.

Little kid cards make me happy.


  1. i'm not very good at anything
    when i'm far away. but i do
    bake a good cake when i am
    in the same city. love that envelope!

  2. What a lucky girl Lisa is! I'm infamous for late presents. It's just so hard to remember if you're not physically going to a party---ugh! Better late than never, right?
    XX Kate

  3. simple + pretty wrapping idea. i like this.


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