Sunday, January 28, 2007

First Meetings and Firemen, Oh My!

Rush is over. This is an excellent thing. Because it means that we get new pledgies. All of whom seem like great girls. But one of the best things about having pledgies is that with pledgies comes first meetings. At first meetings, all of the pledgies get dressed up in flair and have a dance party.

The pledgies are also encouraged to do other things that are often associated with greek life, like drinking. But we're a nice sorority, and we care about our pledgies, so we remind them that the drinking is:
That says "only if you want to,"and we really do say that, which is one of the things I love about my sorority. All of the "pledgie stuff" really IS only if you want to. Some people did get tipsy, though, and they pretended to make out, 'cause that's totally what we do in sororitees- get drunk and make out with each other.

Once that was over and we had brought the pledges to the secret special place to sing karaoke, someone accidentally set of the fire alarm in the house while boiling water. We had to run outside in the freezing cold, wearing clothes that were not really appropriate:
(I almost ran outside barefoot, but then I put on some shoes that I found in the hallway)
(You can't tell, but the sweatshirt I'm wearing here is two sizes too small. I also found that in the hallway.)

Luckily, the firemen came and saved the day:
Then we went back inside and had a naked pillow fight.


  1. The picture of you and mary doesn't look like you. it's at a funny angle and i was like oh who is that. you look good, but i don't know if that is good or bad cause it doesn't look like you. weird, yes.

  2. I also just noticed in the weird picture that there is something in your teeth, somehow i got to big version of picture and learned this.

  3. yes. I just saw that, too, when I clicked on the big picture.
    Hopefully no one else will click on the picture, and so they won't see the thing on my tooth. Now, if anyone reads this blog, and they read the comments, they will click and see the thing on my tooth. It is a disaster. Crisis, even.

  4. You were unconsciously trying to emulate Loren by running outside barefoot, weren't you? Except that then logic (and scavenging, I presume) got in the way.


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