Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Breadsticks with Cheeeeeese

One of the many joys of going to school in Hanover, NH, aside from the constant, snot-freezing cold, is Everything But Anchovies. I love EBAs, and I don't know many Dartmouth students who don't. The classic EBAs order? Breadsticks with cheese.
Now, breadsticks with cheese make the most perfect drunk food ever. (Although a pint of Ben + Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar crunch picked up from the corner deli at two in the morning in New York City in July is also quite amazing). I know several people, myself included, who have been known to lie on the floor, demanding "breadsticks with cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese" like a tantruming three year old while in a less-than-sober state of mind.
The best thing about EBAs breadsticks with cheese, however, is that they are delicious all the time. EBAs delivers until 2, so they're good up-late-studying food. They make a delicious dinner. (They have all the food groups, 'cause you know, that marinara sauce for dipping totally counts as a vegetable). Last week, I had them delivered at four in the afternoon. That is kind of frowned apon, but they were delicious then, too.

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