Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Schlub

Last term I came back to Dartmouth after a year off, refreshed and excited about school. With a new major, I thought I might try to make some other changes, too. I thought I'd dress all nice. I'd wear cute shoes. Shoes like these:

Or maybe like these, with their fashionable stacked heel:
And I'd carry my books in a cute bag, one of the several (rather pricey) cute bags that I own:

I was successful, for a while. All last term, I carried my books in that pink Longchamp bag in the middle there, the quintessential Ivy-League Sorority-Girl bookbag. And it was lovely. Although my clothes usually weren't quite up to par, my bag, and often, my shoes, were. My bag was cute, and so I felt put together, even on days when I felt all icky. Today, however, I succumbed. I succumbed to The Schlub. The pink bag gave me back problems, and it's kind of cold and snowy outside today. So instead of my cute pink French bag with my dark blue straight-leg jeans (skinny jeans don't work when you're shaped like me) and my cute black boots, I put on comfy clothes. I loaded my books into this:

And because I had to rush to class in the snow, I loaded my feet into these:

And you know what? I was comfy. Really comfy.

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  1. Allow me to commend you Abbie on quite a well put together post. Using both text and images, and including a bit of a story, I give this post a B+.


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