Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Childcare Center

As I previously mentioned, on Thursday I walked over to the daycare center because I thought I had to go to work (for those of you who don't know, I spend a couple of afternoons a week working a really adorable nonverbal four-year-old), but then the little guy was still on vacation, so I didn't need to be there. I had a ton of work I hadn't been doing, an audition later that night for which I hadn't read the play, and a bunch of other stuff that needed to get done. But I stayed at the school for a little while anyway, because Eliza and Eli and Isaac and all the other kids started to talk to me, and tell me all about what had been going on since I'd been on vacation and the new girl in their class. They were also all quick to inform me that the little guy was not at school, that he was at the beach. Half an hour later, as I started the walk back to school, I realized that I'd just spent half an hour schmoozing with three-year-olds. And I really liked it. I'm really glad I took last year off, and I'm really glad I switched my majors, because spending even a half an hour with some three year olds makes me so much happier than event the coolest engineering thing ever could.

(Sorry I don't have any pictures. I feel like it isn't right to put pictures of other people's children on the internet, so you'll have to just believe me when I say that I work with some of the most adorable kids ever.)

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