Monday, November 29, 2010

{Emily and I may or may not be on the alumni association at our old school, and may or may not have taken this for the development director. . .}

I write about high school more than is normal for a 25-year-old.
Here is the thing, though: if you had the kinds of friends from high school that I do, you'd write about it, too.

While some of the usual suspects were missing (and greatly missed) at the 'Stravaganza this year, we still ate plenty of chili and drank plenty of wine, told the same stories yet again, and laughed. A lot.

I think my favorite part may have been at the very end, when there were just five of us, sitting around, eating pavlova and drinking beer. Emily and I may have changed into pj's. Anyway, I just sat there and was struck once again by how lucky I am. I met these people more than ten years ago, and they still come to parties I throw where the only game plan is drinking wine and eating lots of food.

And we still have fun, every single year.

IMG_1816 IMG_1815
{To the left. . . and to the right. . . We're silly}


  1. What a sweet post and tribute to friends (they're like my urban tribe too, since I'm usually very far from family). And oh, you're making me nostalgic for Boston, I lived in Cambridge for a few years!

    Thanks so much for dropping by - I love meeting new bloggers and so glad it led me to your lovely blog!

  2. I know what you mean about long time friends, my best friend in the world and I met in the 8th grade and we still talk every Tuesday (we live far apart so our "phone dates" are sacred). I am always so thankful that we have stayed friends, it is so comforting to be around people who know you so well and share all of that history.
    And by the way, parties where the only plan is to drink wine and eat good food are the best kind!

  3. I still hold a few of my high school friends near and dear to my heart, although we are far too scattered to be reunited any time but weddings (friends in new zeeland, russia, vermont, and michigan... crazy!). Matt's high school friends still get together two to three times a year, which I think is crazy amazing!

  4. I just discovered your blog! And I'm so excited! Loving it! Some of my best friends are friends I've had since I was in Primary School. Thank God for facebook it makes it so much easier to keep in touch!
    xox tash

  5. Oh, how lucky you are. And adorable--for taking a group photo! What cherished memories you'll have :)

  6. What a fun bunch!

    Hope you had a lovely holiday! cute blog. :)

    Dreaming of Palm Trees

  7. It's so awesome that you've stayed in touch -- I haven't done the same with my old high school friends, but I'm almost positive that that'll happen with my college friends.

    P.S. A game plan of drinking wine and eating food is the best kind! :)


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