Friday, March 9, 2007

Please Don't Mind the Puddle of Melted Heart

So I just got off the phone with my favorite child in the whole entire world, the one who I nannied all last year, the one who I love more than is healthy and talk about more than is necessary. Her new (as of late September, when I came back to Dartmouth) nanny just quit, so her mom's between a rock and a hard place, childcare-wise. Since I'm going to be on spring break next week, I offered to babysit for four days while her mom tries to hire someone new to take care of her. I'm totally attached to her, but she's mildly autistic, plus she's little, so I kind of assume that she only vaguely remembers me. Tonight, I was arranging things with her mom, who told her she was talking to me, and asked if she wanted to say hi. She did. As soon as she gets on the phone, she goes "Abbie? Are you going to pick me up at school?"
She didn't know that I was babysitting next week, 'cause her mom wasn't sure it was going to happen, so she didn't tell her.
Now does it make sense why a little part of me wants to quit school and go take care of her until she's fifteen? No? Oh, well.

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  1. That's so cute. She really does sound like a great kid. I hope you have a wonderful time looking after her during break, if that works out.


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