Monday, March 12, 2007

Maybe Tonight Will Be the Night

So, I know I keep telling you that I'm going to pull all-nighters. What my readers who do not go to Dartmouth College don't know is that usually, after I make such bold claims in my blog, I notice how lonely my bed looks, and I get in. But only to keep it company. It's not my fault that I happen to fall asleep while I'm there.
Tomorrow, however, I am going home on the five o'clock bus. I have plans to hang out with Manoli at eight-thirty-ish. This necessitates me being in Cambridge by then. So I will take the five o'clock bus. I just need to finish a paper and a journal (which includes a paper) by four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. So tonight, TONIGHT, I promise you, I will not sleep. I have Girl Scout cookies and gum and Jasmine tea and water. Those things will keep me up. They'd better.

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