Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I lose

So, Emily came over to visit me tonight because it was the only chance we'd get to see each other before I go back to school tomorrow.
We're sitting in my room, chatting away, but my jeans are uncomfortable, so I change into p.j. pants. Then, I need a place to sit, so I sit on my bed. And cover myself with the covers.
Emily then tucked me in and let herself out of my house.
Emily is a wonderful friend.


  1. Know why else you lose? Because you still haven't done a post about mircofiche and toothbrushing.

    Just kidding. You don't lose. You're a winner. But you still should do that post. Pretty please?

  2. Personally, I thought it was hysterical. It does not constitute a "why I suck" label. Plus, it's a great story. AND i love Big Toe. He basically rocks my world. And you are a wonderful friend!


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