Monday, March 5, 2007

My Paper

I have an excellent post in the works for later tonight. But first, I must write a rough draft of a paper.
So far: two paragraphs. If you assume two paragraphs/page, which I always do (a fact that often gets me into trouble), I only have eight left to go. Since I have eight paragraphs worth of material, I can totally do this. In three hours? Maybe. I just need to get some words on the page, and then I can revise revise revise.
Why isn't paper-writing as easy and fun as blogging?
EDIT: 9:52 p.m. THREE WHOLE PARAGRAPHS! Slow but steady. Now I must stand up.

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  1. Go, Abbie, go! Learn about Autism! Write that paper! Get an $1000/day awesome nannying job! Whooo, Abbie!
    P.S. I might just be stalking you. Or maybe just procrastinating. Who knows.


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