Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So, people who have been reading my blog for awhile may know that I take birthdays seriously. Other people's birthdays. My birthday? It's fun, but celebrating other people is even better.

My coworkers didn't get that memo this year.

Birthday desk

My 27th was arguably my best birthday since becoming an adult, in large part because of that. To top it all off? Elizabeth got the lab where we both work to write me a birthday post. And she said that I had to post it. After I stopped getting all teary, I agreed. 

Thank you so much, GabLab.

Abbie has two of the best qualities a person can have: she always knows how to make a day ten times better, and she makes EXCEPTIONAL pies. – Keri

Abbie is the best motivator and leader I know. A social prodigy some might say... – Julia

Abbie delights in the sights, smells, and sounds of her native city, exclaiming gleefully, "We live here!" - Sara

You can always tell when Abbie is around because you can hear her laughing. – Livia

Everything Abbie does, she does with kindness and enthusiasm. It comes through in her cooking, her work, and her friendships. (And I get to enjoy all 3!) - Elizabeth

Abbie makes delectable confections that I adore. - Joe

Abbie never stops smiling! – Maggie

Abigail is hilarious and bubbly and happy, and makes everyone in earshot bubblier and happier, too. I think she rocks. –Todd

Abbie gives me treats and introduces me to new little people whose faces I can lick! - Echo (note: Echo is a dog.)

Abbie is the most socially graceful person I know! – Ola

I can always count on Abbie for the essentials in life, like lip balm and snazzy German hand lotion. And also for being my partner in crime when a snack time is needed. - Dorice

Abbie has a contagious laugh.  She is always happy and makes others feel happy too! – Cindy

Abbie makes the best rhubarb pie I've ever tasted. Ever. - John S.

Abbie's amazing at celebrating all the moments contagiously! – Joanna

Abbie is fearless against Frighteningly Loud Computer Sounds and always brings cheer to the office! – Irina

Happy Happy, Abbie!
We are so glad you were born, and some years later became our froworker.
Love, Gablab


  1. this is the CUTEST thing i've ever read! it made me happy to see so much love in one post. happy birthday, abbie!

  2. I found your blog and I love it!

    Oh I love birthdays too and the idea is sooo cute!!


  3. This is adorable. How wonderful that you have such amazing coworkers!


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