Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday!

It's freezing outside right now (it's 65 degrees-I do recognize that that won't feel so freezing come winter!), so I kind of forgot how hot it was this weekend. But man, that was a scorcher.

Watermelon ring pops for a ninety-five degree day.

It was so hot, really the only thing I could do was go to the happy place and jump in the lake immediately. I had a dear friend from college in town, plus Emma was around, so of course we needed ring pops. Also, lemon slush. (Is that a uniquely New England summer treat? I am kind of getting the impression that it is.)


As it turns out, homemade granola is an excellent snack after a late night of dancing with your sister and her friends. (I'm still looking for the perfect recipe though- anyone have any suggestions?)

Once it cooled down, I got to have an Arnold Palmer, read my book, and write some letters at Hi-Rise. A weekend where I spend time at two of my happy places is a good weekend, indeed.

Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. I just made granola using the recipe from Oh She Glows ( I didn't have coconut and used olive oil instead of coconut oil, and used way less nuts/seeds than her, but it turned out DELICIOUS! Maybe I just think it's perfect because it's the first batch I have not overbaked, ever :)

  2. No fair. The heat is already gone and it is cool? We have been at 95+ temps for weeks. That is part of living in STL though.

    (that is all.)

  4. whew! it's been pretty hot here too. i haven't figured out what to do with myself when it gets hot though. i mostly just sit in front of my fan with ice cream and moan "why?... WHY?!" i think i need to make friends with someone who owns a pool near me... ;) hope your week is even more fun!

  5. I love ring pops and Arnold Palmers! SO MUCH! Sounds like a pretty amazing time.

  6. Thanks for an awesome Bostonian visit!


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