Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Home Days

Christmas was wonderful.

We opened presents, went to the gym for a workout, and then ate enough food for a week at Cafe Fleuri. (I dreamed about their Chocolate Croissant bread pudding for weeks leading up to Christmas.)

Since then, life's been getting back to normal, sort of. We got snowed in yesterday, so I worked from home, then roomie Emma and I shoveled and had hot chocolate with our neighbors. Afterwards, we went to an impromptu potluck at my mom's house. Every single person brought soup. It was fantastic.


Today I worked from home, starting at 6 a.m. Even with the early start time, it's been pretty great.

Tea is good for a snow day

I've been able to make as much tea as I want, I haven't changed out of my pajamas, and I'm finally getting to spend some quality time with our Christmas tree.

Star Garland

It makes me happy.


  1. The one day you're at home and I'm at the office! (But that doesn't mean you should come in.)

  2. I love tea. It always makes me happy too. Especially during the holidays, it's always so delightful! Enjoy your day! You deserve it!

  3. I have been spending lots of time enjoying my Christmas tree too. And drinking gallons of tea (and the occasional hot chocolate with Baileys)

    Enjoy the snow, Abbie. Happy Holidays!

  4. that sounds awesome. and soup potluck is sounding fantastic right about now. wishing you a happy, happy new year!

  5. That would make me happy too! It seems like you have had a nice past few days. I wish it would snow here so I could get snowed in! Haha. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. I love that everyone brought soup! I just got the Moosewood cookbook for Xmas and I can't wait to make some delicious soups for potlucks in 2011 :)

  7. Your christmas sounds like it was wonderful! And the bread pudding sounds amazing! I made some bread pudding for christmas dinner dessert, with apple, raisins, marmalade and whiskey. It sounds like a strange combination but was wonderful!!

    And also, I'm seriously impressed about going to the gym on Christmas day!!


  8. The simple fact that you managed a work out on Christmas day is UN-ba lievable! Seriously. Good job:)

    Lovely photos.


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