Monday, January 11, 2010

When I was little, I desperately wanted my bed to be "built-in" to my wall. I remember meeting with the contractor when my parents were renovating our house, and drawing him a picture of the bed that I wanted, with bookshelves all around it and a curtain I could draw around me when I slept. I have every confidence that it was my seven-year-old drawing skills, not my parents budgetary and design limitations, that prevented him from building me exactly what I envisioned. (I did get a built-in desk, though! It's still pretty cool.)

Anyway, that's all to say that I was completely primed to love all the sleeping nooks over at You Are My Fave. They are all so cozy and lovely, and y'all should go take a look if you haven't already.

(Image from this is glamorous, via You Are My Fave.)


  1. Ah! What a beautiful room. I completely understand your vision. I wanted a built in window so much when I was little. My cousin had one, I was forever jealous.

    Have you seen Cruel Intentions? Katherine's room is gorgeous, and she has a built in bed. Argh. Now I want a built in bed!

  2. i love built-ins for everything - beds, desks, cozy kitchen nooks...they instantly give a place character.

  3. Love...I spent hours as a kid drawing floor plans. My dream home still has built-in bookshelves in the foyer :)

  4. I still haven't outgrown my longing for a sleeping nook! I love this one and can't wait to have a look at the others...
    XX Kate

  5. Love the whole idea of the sleeping nook, being all tucked away with blankets and books and soft lighting. Aaah... And the fireplace in the bedroom? Fab!

  6. I wanted that too when I was a kid!

  7. Love it.
    But Abbie, you've had a sleeping nook! Maybe it wasn't a built-in bed (sadface), but still! It was called the (left) Tit :-D
    But seriously those sleeping nook photos make me miss the Tit like whoa. I should have taken a photo of my sleeping nook in the Tit with my cute brown/pink/blue paisley bedding (which is identical to BStebbs's and means we are soulmates, haha) and blue curtain modeled after Daria's sleeping nook curtain.
    P.S. I miss you!

  8. could that room look any cozier?! I'd love to escape on a winter getaway to this very room... gorgeous!


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