Thursday, January 21, 2010

Usually at work, I take a tiny little lunch break, scarfing my food down and saying hi to people, then getting back to whatever I'm working on.
Sometimes, though, when the weather's nice, I like to take my camera out for a little walk. I get a latte or a cookie at Flour, and I go in search of what's pretty.

I work on the prairie.

Man, sometimes the sky is really gorgeous in the winter.

I don't have a name for this one.


Converse in the Snow

It's pretty fun. You should try it sometime.


  1. Last one's my fav. I love brick peeking out of snow :)

  2. awesome pictures!!! I do that all the time...even though people sometimes stare haha. going outside at lunchtime is a must on sunny days if it is going to be dark by the time you go home. (boooo winter) hopefully my cord turns up so i can keep sharing :P granola in crockpot is awesome, it takes three hours but it doesn't burn! i am eating it right now mmmm.

  3. These are so delightful! Abbie, have you ever thought about selling prints?

  4. These are lovely, I love the colours! what camera do you have?

  5. You are a photography genius. The first one is especially magical.

  6. such beautiful pictures... Love the colors.

  7. sometimes my camera is the best excuse for a long walk...

    digging the second picture. the starkness of the tree on the vibrant blue is perfect!

  8. that's such a great idea! you have some beautiful scenery around you-- those photos are beautiful!


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