Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oral Hygiene

The third floor of the sororitee is an excellent place. We bond. We watch Grey's Anatomy. We drink together. We have a facebook group. The third floor is truly at its best, however, at about midnight every monday through friday. This is when we all assemble in the bathroom for our nightly toothbrushing party.

(This is a truly flattering picture of everyone. It was taken on an off-night. Usually we are very attractive as we brush our teeth.)
Anyway, our toothbrushing parties are not just fun and games. We take oral hygiene VERY seriously. We brush for two minutes, and then we listerine for thirty seconds or a minute, depending on whether we use gingivitis-killing or tooth-strengthening listerine. I have both kinds, but I usually go with the gingivitis-killing variety.

This morning, after I'd brushed my teeth and killed the gingivitis, I started to worry about my teeth's strength. So I used the purple kind for a minute, too.
And then I realized that I have a problem.


  1. Yes, everyone does look way attractive. And whose lovely photography skills can we attribute this to? Mine, obviously.
    So, I do have to say that I am very happy that this photo finally made it onto AbbieBabble. It's been a while.

  2. There's a boy in that picture!!

  3. Oh, no! Not a boy! We can't have THOSE in the sororitee!


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