Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Today I didn't have class, because my schedule is just that amazing. So I did some homework, but mostly I got all domestic. I started my laundry last night, and I finished it today. I went to CVS to buy all sorts of things, including purple listerine for toothbrushing parties (I PROMISE they'll get their own post. It'll be thrilling). Most of all, however, I COOKED!
I'd read this post about mujadara, and ever since then, I've been thinking about it obsessively. After Berko went grocery shopping for me and got the appropriate ingredients, I finally had time to cook this amazing dish today.

Pretty, it is not, but amazing and creamy and flavorful and slightly sweet and OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS DISH it is. With a side of broccoli tossed with a little olive oil, salt and parmesan, it made a delicious, filling, comfort-food-y dinner.

Just as I was sitting down on the counter (yes, ON the counter. In the sororitee, we do not have dinner tables or chairs in the basement, where the kitchen is. We only have pong tables. So I sat on the counter.) a whole bunch of people came to the kitchen to make dinner. We're not huge cookers at Dartmouth College, so it was kind of cool. Berko and Lesley (who is in a DIFFERENT sororitee, but we like her anyway) made kosher-for-passover chicken:

And Julie, who's always in the basement cooking something amazing, made curry:

Also, Caroline and Theresa made tacos, but my picture of them will not upload 'cause my computer is stupid.
I was so impressed by my sisters and their culinary skills!
p.s. I promise the posts will get better. If I have energy later, I might even edit this one and make it better.
p.p.s. I also multitasked. While my mujadara was cooking, I folded laundry. I'm so domestic!


  1. aaargghhh...i SO miss being in Uni with friends... *sniffle* enjoy the moments to bits!! they're memories to last you a lifetime

  2. You make me miss school. So much.


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