Sunday, April 1, 2007

Holy Shit I'm Ahead on My Homework

Wow. This has not happened since sophomore year of high school, I think. I am so proud of myself. Maybe this term I will actually be on top of my shit. Here are all the on top of my shit things I've done so far this term:
  • Cooked Tonight for dinner I made emergency pasta, but then I also sauteed peppers and onions that Mandell bought at the salad bar, and mixed those in. It was very delicious. Tomorrow I think I'm going grocery shopping so I can buy ingredients to make Mujudarah like I read about in Orangette, one of my most favorite food blogs.
  • My Homework So, I used to be an engineer, right? When you're an engineer, you have problem sets due and projects to do, so you don't really have time for wimpy homework like reading. It just doesn't get done, 'cause it doesn't really count as homework. This mindset can be a problem when you start taking classes that are all reading-based. But lately I've been going to Rosey's, the most lovely little cafe in Hanover New Hampshire, and getting a pot of Earl Grey tea and reading about Developmental Psychopathology.
  • Exercising It is finally warming up here in Hanover New Hampshire, and so I am starting to run again. Yesterday my friend Berko and I went for a glorious run around Occum Pond. Twice. (We did two laps, not two separate runs. That would have been weird).
  • Going to Church I went with Emma today 'cause it was Palm Sunday, and it was fun and enjoyable and I made a lovely little art project out of the palm that they gave me:
I had to do this craft project (which my mom taught me how to do) because I am not good at sitting still, even though I am 21 and should know how to sit still in church by now. I go to a lovely Congregationalist Church, of the sort that you will find in most New England college towns, and I like going because it is an hour on Sunday mornings where I am forced to be still and not think about my homework. Even if I can't sit still very well, I like going.
And that is it. I am sorry this post is so boring. I will write about Microfiche and Toothbrushing Parties soon. Or maybe something EVEN MORE interesting than Microfiche and Toothbrushing Parties. If such a thing exists.

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