Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Brunch

The snowstorm we're getting up and down the east coast is making me a little nostalgic for Nemo. Nobody had to work, and you weren't allowed to drive anywhere, so the logical thing to do (after making chicken and waffles, of course) was to have people over for Saturday brunch.


Liz and Chris hiked up to my house. Betsy snowshoed over. Mary and I walked from our respective bedrooms to the kitchen. 


There were sourdough waffles (I. am. obsessed.), and hot chocolate with as many mix-ins as I could find. I may or may not have licked whipped cream from the whisk.


And then we went sledding.

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  1. I KNOWWWW! My boyfriend's a teacher and has the day off, so I asked my boss if I could work from home again... we'll see! It's right on the cusp of being too snowy to go out. Or maybe that's just my Georgia roots showing :)


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