Friday, March 15, 2013


So, I don't normally do these things, but then Rachael tagged me, and I have a crush on her blog and I never post anymore, so here goes.

Five things about me.

1. I am loud. Like, if you asked someone to describe me, they'd probably start with how much my voice carries. It used to bother me, but now I just try to keep it down around new people, and I feel grateful that people always know how to find my house when the windows are open. (No, really.)
2. I am a lefty, and I'm secretly really proud of it. I always notice when other people are lefties, too.
3. I went to college to study mechanical engineering. I wanted to design racecars. Two years in, though, I realized that I hated it, so I took a year off from school. I nannied an amazing little girl, and when I got back to Dartmouth, I switched my major to psych. I've been working with kids since then.
4. I've had this blog since forever. It's kind of weird to go back through old posts (when I was 21, I spent a lot of time talking about homework), but it's a neat and sometimes hilarious way to remember what life was like back then.
5. When I was in high school, I worked on a farm. It changed everything, not just about how  I think about food and agriculture, but also how I viewed myself as part of a community. It was amazing.

No pressure, but Mel and Anna, I'm curious about your answers!

PS That picture of me up there was taken by Tricia Saxler, who I get to work with at her other job. It belongs to her. Don't steal it!
PPS I don't know why you'd steal it, but you know, trying to give credit where credit is due. . .
PPPS I think that reading things I wrote when I was 21 makes me write like I'm 21 again.


  1. ooOoooO! The pressure's on :)

  2. Here ya go!

  3. Beautiful photo!

    I had the same experience with engineering (thinking I would be designing buildings someday), but I wish I'd had the courage to take a break and reassess. I mean, I'm glad I finished it, but I think it would have been braver and more fulfilling to really look at what I wanted.

    Love this post!


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