Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Every now and then, I'm struck by just how lucky I am.

Tonight my roommates and I sat on our new back porch, drinking champagne and enjoying the evening. It was perfect.

Right now, I'm so thankful for:

1. Perfect summer evenings, and back porches on which to enjoy them.

2. Roommates who have turned into friends.

3. Champagne with which to toast new houses.

4. This song:

p.s. Many many thanks to my sister Dewey for introducing me to, among others, Brandi Carlile. I am also lucky to be surrounded by people who have such excellent taste in music.


  1. Champagne on a warm summer evening with new friends/roommates?! You lead the good life lady : ) Love it.

    xx Katie

  2. Love that song! Perfect for a little back porch celebration.


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