Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Teeny Tiny Pies

Teeny Tiny Strawberry Pies

On Monday, one of the grad students in the lab where I work defended his dissertation. This is a really big deal (it's the final step in getting your PhD), and we always celebrate with a party afterwards. I volunteered to make a pie. I rolled out the dough* and prepared the filling, and when the blueberry pie was in the oven, I realized I still had some pie crust left over, so I made a couple of tiny strawberry pies in little pyrex bowls that my neighbor gave me.

The next morning, I ate one for breakfast. It was delicious. Then again, pie for breakfast always is.

*I used Martha Stewart's recipe. It was pretty good.


  1. I love it that you get so much pleasure from these tiny, beautiful, things and that you take the time to document them.

    Abby's mom (OMG! I couldn't remember if you changed from "y" to "ie" or vice versa and had to check the header of your blog to confirm how you spell it now. I think I my matter-energy-space-and-time locator just ran into some turbulence)

  2. These look so yummy!! Nothing better than a tiny pie, we make tiny pot pies every Thanksgiving with the leftovers, love it. And any day that starts with a little pie has to be good.

  3. yum! what could be better than a tiny pie!

    Congratulations to your coworker! that is a BIG deal!

  4. Teeny Tiny Pies mean Teeny Tine Calories, right?


  5. Ahhh, you're the other blogger that HipHip,GinGin mentioned that also wrote about mini pies today! We're like minded, I guess!

  6. delish. i love love LOVE that you ate one for breakfast. sounds perfect with a cup of strong coffee!

  7. Those pies look amazing... :)
    Good job!

  8. Pie for breakfast---my kind of girl! That sounds divine. How I wish I could bake like you!

    xx Katie

  9. oh yeah, give me dessert for breakfast any day! yours look delicious.

  10. Now those look amazing!! We should have breakfast together and enjoy pie. Love the photo!! xo

  11. What an accomplishment for that student!! Not to mention what lovely tasty things you made! They are so cute and look so scrumptious!

  12. Those look yummy!
    And I bet since they are mini pies you wouldn't have to share them with anyone right? hehehe :)



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