Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do you ever feel like you need a week off, or at least a couple of days, to attend to the details of daily life? To fold laundry, go grocery shopping, remember that exercise is something you actually enjoy? My life has been a little like that lately.
I shouldn't complain, and I'm not, really: my life is busy because there are so many wonderful people in it. Even when I needed to spend an entire evening doing taxes, I had a mother who helped me through it, and let me eat half of her tub of Cool Whip Free, too.
I have a couple more nights of excitement (this weekend, I'm going to Northampton for Dewey's graduation from Smith!), then next week, I'm not doing anything. I'm going to take lunch breaks at work, and going to the first farmer's markets of the season, and I'm going to sit in my house. I can't wait.


  1. ha. that is the story of my life. but i try to convince myself it's ok cause that's how grad school should be, right? poor, busy, stressed, constant work, and after all there is the rest of my life to keep house and do things for "me".

  2. Ah, that sounds lovely. I often feel this way. Sometimes I just have to stop and look around in my house and realize that it still exists, when I feel like a whirlwind going through it. It seems like a waste of life sometimes, living like that. I hope I can fix that soon, too!

    I haven't clicked over in awhile but your new blog design looks fabulous!

  3. I feel like that quite a bit actually! I never really feel caught up, there is always the feeling that something should have been done yesterday and I'm perpetually behind. I'd love to figure out how to remedy that.

  4. i completely agree...we do need those days to re-group and take care of the mundane stuff.
    sometimes it's nice not having any plans at all. ;-)
    xox alison

  5. YES! I FEEL THE SAME WAY! i can't wait to do nothing. doing nothing sounds like the best thing ever.

  6. Allll the time. I was in a slump only a few weeks ago, but luckily got over it. Sometimes it's good to go through these lows, though - when you're in better sorts, it feels that much better just because it's such an improvement. Does this make sense? Now I feel like I'm babbling...

  7. Yes!
    This is every other day for me, at least!
    It's not that I want to sit in bed all day; just to get things done and not feel rushed, right?


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