Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yesterday was my roommate Anna's birthday, so we had some people over for homemade pizza and birthday cake.

{Emma made a gorgeous salad}

You might recognize Anna from her comments on the last post about my early morning baking habits (she comments as Banana).
Her room is right off the kitchen, so I'm learning to keep those habits in check.
I'm pretty sure she still likes it when I make biscuits, though.

Anyway, her birthday celebration was low-key, but so, so, much fun.

I highly recommend homemade pizza and yellow cake with chocolate frosting for birthdays.

Happy Happy Anna!
(Your birthday post is forthcoming)


  1. I hope Anna had a great day - that pizza looks amazing!

  2. Did you get a new camera or are you using the macro setting?

  3. Hilarious about the early baking. I'd love to wake up to biscuits, even if there was a bunch of pot-banging going on :)

  4. That pizza looks amazing :)

  5. Why did I check your blog when I was so hungry and there were so many pictures of delicious foods?

    Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. oh that looks so lovely! pizza + an evening friends - always a winning combination in my books!


  7. i've never made pizza, can't be too hard can it?!

  8. that pizza looks delicious!!
    and happy belateed to anna!
    and also thank you for the sweet comment
    youre blog is making me hungry!! :)

  9. omg, that seriously looks amazing.

    Darn this wedding diet, ughh! haha


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