Tuesday, March 2, 2010


On Saturday, I met up with Nithya for a trip to the North End. After filling ourselves with pizza and espresso, we wandered over to Polcari's on Salem Street, where I got the most delicious coffee for the week, and where they were extremely accommodating to a baby photographer who just wanted to take pictures of it all.

{I have memories of going to Polcari's when I was tiny tiny. They had candy.}

{They have approximately seven hundred thousand kinds of coffee.}

{Which they custom blend for you}

{The guy pulled me behind the counter so I could take pictures of the big bins. I couldn't really get a good shot, but I thought that was so sweet!}


  1. mmmm coffee...that place looks amazing!

  2. I have a friend named Michael Polcari that visited the North End with me one year...he freaked when he saw his name :)

  3. That's cool! I'm always afraid to take pictures inside shops because I think they'll chase me out with a broom for taking photos of the merchandise!

  4. oh wow! it looks amazing. take me there? now??

  5. You make me want to drink coffee, but thankfully I don't like the taste. Instead I drink far too much diet pepsi---soooo bad. Love little shops like this. XO


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